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What is Slow Fashion?

In nutshell: Slow fashion is today’s luxury wear.

Quality vs. Quantity

Most materials used are natural and developed from recycled items which otherwise would end up in landfill and create pollution. They are of high quality and there is an ongoing focus on innovation and R&D.

Small Batch vs. Mass Production

Slow fashion focuses on timeless clothing that is made to last. Design and production work closely together and make it easy to control quality and craftsmanship. Designs are multi-functional and classic which encourage customers to build a minimalist wardrobe. 

Zero-waste Clothing 

Many designers create distinctive, fashion-forward and multi-functional clothes that are designed to eliminate unnecessary waste. Elementum (at Kapade) is a perfect example of zero waste clothing. Their jersey garments use minimal stitches on tubular fabrics with different widths for the different sizes and there are no cut off materials or leftovers.

Focus on People 

Slow fashion promotes respect for people. It involves working with artisans, designers and makers with the goal of preserving crafts and provides value to both consumers and producers.