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About the Fabric

Handwoven Cotton Fabric

Handwoven cotton is a light, natural fabric that is breathable, skin friendly, and comfortable to work with and adorn.

  • It is safe to wash our handwoven cotton clothes by hand or by machine. We recommend washing our cotton fabric at 30 degrees Celsius to keep them in good condition and prevent fabric shrinkage.
  • When machine washing, please place delicate fabrics in mesh bags to avoid snagging and twisting in the washing machine.
  • If you end up with a stain on your handwoven cotton fabric, please dab the stained area with a small amount of stain remover, soak it in water, and then wash it gently.
  • Darker coloured and natural dyed cotton fabrics should be hand washed separately in cold water.
  • Handwoven cotton fabric should be flipped inside out after washing, and hung in the shade to dry. Please do not wring your fabric to squeeze out excess water.
  • Avoid scrubbing harshly while hand washing.
  • Avoid using bleach.
  • Avoid using the dryer to dry handwoven cotton fabrics. Heat from tumble drying can damage the fabric weave. Leaving fabric to dry outdoors is also more eco-friendly.

Naturally Dyed Fabric

A variety of natural dyes including indigo are used to colour organic, environment-friendly fabrics to ensure eco-friendliness, biodegradability, and sustainability. Such dyes are obtained from pure natural sources and pose no threat to nature. Indigo has several skin-healing properties, it keeps the body cool under the harsh summer sun, and is appropriate for regions with hot climates.

Fabrics that are dyed naturally need to be treated delicately, with care.

Wash naturally dyed fabrics separately with cold water and a pH neutral soap or detergent that is easy on fabric.

Avoid drying naturally dyed fabric in a machine dryer; instead let the fabric dry naturally in the shade. Not only is this better for the fabric, but it conserves energy, too.

Do not dry naturally dyed fabrics in direct sunlight; this may lead to colour fading.

Natural dyes tend to bleed into water and spread; noticeable fading may occur over time. This is a healthy marker that eco-friendly, skin-friendly dyes have been used. This natural fading also enhances the charm of the fabric.

To preserve your naturally dyed fabric, please use the muslin bag provided by Kapade. This muslin protects your garments from sunlight, dust, and excessive fading.