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Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa of Indian decent, Vaneesha Advani moved to New York at age of seventeen to study fashion design at the prestigious Parsons School of Design, New York, after that she moved to Canada, she then culminated 14 years of Vancouver and Montreal-based experience with other fashion houses, importers and buyers, designing clothing, and forecasting trends. Armed with a wealth of fashion experience Advani decided to create her own jewellery collection, Designs By Sonia. The company was formed in Eindhoven, Netherlands in 2008 but became active in 2011, when designer Vaneesha Advani attended Paris fashion week to show her first jewellery collection, from than onwards there was no looking back.

There is always some driving force behind everything we do, says Advani, it could be traveling to other places, meeting new people, movies, arts, politics, economic conditions, discovering new materials or working with existing materials, technology etc. Year after year the collection keeps changing and evolving. She is inspired by what is happening in the world today and the women today from all different walks of life, to her age is irrelevant what is relevant is the substance, I think all women have different sides to them, they can be soft spoken and demure but at the same time assertive and bold. This is why there is no set rule, the
whole idea is to create designs and send them out into the world to observe the reaction learn from the feed back and continue to create. I think social media gives us a good insight on what people want it is fabulous source or feedback.

Tell a story without a whisper, DBS philosophy is to enhance that woman, whose presence is felt instantaneously where ever she appears. The collection is true to her; it is ageless, modern and yet classic and

A lot of thought is put together in creating each collection, we at DBS believe in an overall look, quality workmanship, feel and appeal. Throughout the collection all different materials are used, wood, leather, recycled
glass beads, brass, bronze, hand-dyed/handmade silk strings and now we are also adding other fibers and ABS. The collection is true to its philosophy; it is bold yet mysterious, modern yet classic and at the same
time it is minimalist. In the end we believe it comes down to staying true to oneself, it is all about creating our own identity. Every woman or men makes his or her own mark, who is wearing the piece is going to be
making a statement not the piece by itself, the piece is to enhance the overall look.

Designs by Sonia provides the subtle luxury for women who want to stand apart and have calm confidence. It is an amazing experience working with every collection, I will continue to design for that special women.

Vaneesha Advani